How the Team System Works (Office Hours)

Dennis · June 8, 2021

The Team System (also called the Success Tracker) is a document that Account Managers use as the primary interface with clients. Divided into six sections, it follows the flow of the Social Amplification Engine and ties back to the 9 Triangles principles. 

This flow will help you run effective marketing campaigns for clients and quickly identify where to reinvest based on what is working. This process will work no matter what the client is selling.

Also included in the Success Tracker document is an executive summary section. This summary is a statement of the project goals. It’s something like a mini business plan.

It will show you how to work towards your client’s goals. It will have a clear and measurable goal-based statement where everybody understands who is doing what, how long it should take, and in what order.

If other people are involved in the project, it will identify their dependencies. Dependencies are tasks other people must do to enable you to do yours.

Every week, you can look at the Success Tracker, see your progress and track the tasks you did and are about to do, and identify any dependencies.

It will also allow you to determine what a lead is worth and the areas where you need more content as the client’s audiences grow.

Then, as you cycle through their GCT (Goals, Content, and Targeting), you can amplify whatever is working for them.

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