• 1 Module

    #1 Mistake that VAs Make: How to Avoid it with GCT Strategy

    #1 Mistake that VAs Make: How to Avoid it with GCT Strategy In this course, you will learn the number one thing you need to do to build your personal brand: understand your goals, content, and targeting (GCT). Starting with GCT is crucial to building a successful brand, and we will explore why a clear…
  • 1 Module

    #MAA Framework: A Strategic Guide to Optimization

    #MAA Framework: A Strategic Guide to Optimization Do you feel like you’re doing everything right, but still not seeing the results you want? In this episode of Office Hours, we dive into the crucial topic of optimization. Dennis discusses the importance of optimizing your campaigns, initiatives, and content to maximize your success. Through a framework…
  • 22 Modules

    15 Second Video Course

    15-Second Video Course The easiest way to get people’s attention is through video. Specifically, 15-second videos. Attention spans on social channels are brief. The average watch time for a video on Facebook is only 6 seconds. You must learn to grab their attention quickly and pull them into the story you are trying to tell.…
  • 1 Module

    5 Authority Building Hacks to Grow Your 7-Figure Agency (Office Hours)

    Are you not getting the engagement needed to be able to grow your brand? It may be because the only content that you put out there is just about you. And even though what you have to say is really good, it needs to carry authority behind it because if it doesn't, then it means nothing. In this Episode of Office Hours, Dennis discussed how to build your Authority to be able to grow your business exponentially.
  • 1 Module

    7 Google Signals to Increase your Website Ranking (Office Hours)

    Research shows that consumers believe that whoever's at the top of the search result, even if it's an ad, is also whoever is the best in the area or the best in the industry. It sounds ridiculous, but that's just what consumers assume. So where is your business in the search result? In this episode, you will find out exactly what are the Google Signals that you need to match to rank up on Google.
  • 10 Modules

    Account Manager (Level 4) Program

    Account Manager (Level 4) Program Welcome to the Account Manager Program at Content Factory! In this course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of an account manager and learn the skills necessary to succeed in Digital Marketing. You will discover how to effectively communicate with clients, analyze data, and develop winning marketing…
  • 8 Modules

    Agency Management

    In this course, you’re going to learn how to scale your freelance business or company into an agency. We’re going to show you how to create checklists that can be executed by your staff, so your agency can deliver repeatable excellence for clients. We’re going to show you how to qualify prospective clients efficiently, attract…